the tale of twelfth peer productions



Twelfth Peer Productions is, first and foremost, a community.


Our core peers - highly qualified and over-excited - told us how much they wanted to share their passions, skills and ideas with like-minded collaborators and audiences - and we listened. 


We believe that comprehensive understanding of the ‘bloody crossroads’ of culture and politics has much to offer the thinkers, creators and leaders of the contemporary world. 


founded in the summer of 2016, We seek to provide an all-encompassing platform on which our peers may communicate their informed standpoints, promote their services, and achieve knowledgeable progress as a collective.  




  • proudly maintain and expand our go-to team of qualified, diverse and trusted peers

  • secure relationships with advertising sponsors whose values we share

  • Expand our commentary section to include opinion and articles from external contributors

  • AS AN INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION COMPANY, Develop further radio-and-tv-style formats, featuring new hosts and guests from across the cultural and political spectrum


To paraphrase Alfred Lord Tennyson… we are ‘part of all that we have met’. 

As such, we would love to hear from you. 

Whether you have a new idea for a show, OR would like to contribute to our Commentary pagE…


Get in touch now via this link: