LISTEN: This week's Hot Contents! guest - Alex Munk - on London Jazz Festival, sideman projects, and Flying Machines

Ahead of his interview with Hot Contents! host Michael L. Roberts,

bandleader, guitarist and composer Alex Munk tells us what he’s up to during this month’s London Jazz Festival.

(track heard in this edition: ‘Take Time’ by Flying Machines)

For more information on Alex’s band Flying Machines, and details of their London Jazz Festival performance, go to:

Their new record, ‘New Life’, available now. Everywhere…


Book Launch: Clinton's War On Terror, by Dr. James D. Boys

The third book from our very own Dr. James D. Boys (The American Chronicle / Arguendo) will be launched Wednesday 21st November 2018 - 630pm - at Asa Briggs Hall, 7-17 Ansdell Street, LONDON, W8 5BN

Clinton’s War On Terror details the manner in which the Clinton administration sought to address counterterrorism strategy in the years immediately prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001. The book very deliberately places the Clinton years in a broad historic narrative, detailing the long history of political violence within the United States and explaining the administration’s deadly inheritance.

Over the course of 270 pages, Clinton’s War on Terror details the challenges facing the administration including domestic terrorism, cyberattacks, rogue states, and the growing threat from al-qaeda. It also reveals the development of various methods used to address these threats, including rendition and drone technology.

visit for more information

or listen to Twelfth Peer’s exclusive audio-trailer below:

Onward! And see you at the launch!


Twelfth Peer Productions

LISTEN: Ahead of tonight's Oscars ...

As tonight's Oscars ceremony approaches, we invite you to check out our resident film critic Samuel Hunt's review of a potential big winner: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri




Samuel will also be recording an Oscars dispatch for 'Catching The Light' in the coming days, reflecting on the winners and losers of the night


We've recently welcomed two new hosts to Twelfth Peer - Lisa J. Burgess, and Jennifer Barton


Lisa's show 'Sound In Bloom' focuses on film/media music, and women in music and the arts. Her first episode includes looks at Shirley Walker, John Williams and more ...




Jennifer's show 'Right Reason' will look at conservatism in the U.S., and what it means to be a Republican woman in the age of President Trump. In this first episode, Jennifer introduces her fundamental conservative values...




And finally, we have a new episode of 'The American Chronicle' available - entitled The Trump Supremacy, in which James D. Boys examines Trump at Davos, The Special Relationship, Michael Wolff's 'Fire And Fury' and much more. We're delighted that James's new book 'Clinton's War on Terror: Redefining US Security Strategy 1993 - 2001' is set to be published by Lynne Rienner later this year, and will keep you posted on a release date...




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